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Biggest Loser 2011

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Biggest Loser 2011

The Biggest Loser verpasst? Alle Sendungen, Clips und Ganze Folgen kostenlos online anschauen. The Biggest Loser Sendung Verpasst. Team Violett: Elena und Peter - Peter und Elena waren das einzige Blinddate im "Biggest Loser"-Camp. Dafür sind sie weit gekommen. Peter flog gar erst in der. Morgen geht's zum Heino!:) ich freu mich sooo derbe:).

Willkommen im Camp

Team Violett: Elena und Peter - Peter und Elena waren das einzige Blinddate im "Biggest Loser"-Camp. Dafür sind sie weit gekommen. Peter flog gar erst in der. Am war die Finalshow der erfolgreichen TV-Abnehmserie „The Biggest Loser“ (Kabel 1) und nun können wir stolz den Gewinner der diesjährigen. The Biggest Loser verpasst? Alle Sendungen, Clips und Ganze Folgen kostenlos online anschauen. The Biggest Loser Sendung Verpasst.

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Subscription expired Your subscription to The Christian Science Monitor has expired. Geschenk Freund Weihnachten member of the team that collects of their team's colored eggs first wins a pair of tickets to the world premiere of the new movie, Hop. Close Share options. The Unknowns led by Rulon Gardner 's organization Operation Walküre Das Stauffenberg Attentat Stream the challenge in ; the Ranch team with no Plötzlich Papa Online Ganze Folge strategy did not even get halfway across in that time, thus the Unknowns gained the advantage.

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Katharina Witt Host: Regina Halmich Host: — Christine Theiss Host:
Biggest Loser 2011
Biggest Loser 2011 We have set the Biggest Loser record of the most weight [lost] in the first week, and the fastest person to get to lbs. Those are the two biggest records we’ve beat and proven with our methods. 09/05/ Ten. Lara Whalan and Leigh Westren have ended their three-year relationship, it has been reported. The couple, who lost a total of almost kg when they entered weight loss reality. The Biggest Loser: Couples 4 is the eleventh season of the NBC reality television series entitled The Biggest Loser. The contestants competed to win a $ , prize, which was awarded to Olivia Ward, the contestant with the highest percentage of weight loss. It premiered on January 4, The Biggest Loser: Couples January 4, Eleven teams of two begin the competition in the Season 11 premiere. The players must choose whether to work out with Bob and Jillian or two new unknown. The fitness centers offer money back, which can be put toward gym memberships or personal training sessions. Trillium also offers makeovers and, for the biggest loser, a trip for two to Mirbeau.
Biggest Loser 2011

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Her husband smiled at her as he watched on from the crowd. She beat three finalists to win the show. Fellow finalist Kellie Moon, 33, sparkled in a shimmery red dress.

She lost Posted 2 May May Mon Monday 2 May May at pm , updated 4 May May Wed Wednesday 4 May May at am. Share Facebook Twitter Article share options Share this on Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Send this by Email Messenger Copy link WhatsApp.

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Proof of COVID vaccination to be available on smart phones. Leon Spinks, former world heavyweight champion, dies aged Strong winds, rain replace fire threat in WA as swollen rivers engulf roads.

Lions hold Suns to lowest score in AFLW history in Q-Clash drubbing. Moses lost an additional 12 pounds for a two-week record 53 pounds total while Rulon also continued his success with a pound loss.

The Ranch team would need to lose 78 pounds to beat the percentage. Irene Orange team remaining member started the weigh-in with a pound loss, the single best performance of any contestant on either team.

While the Black and Purple teams did below average, the Green and Aqua teams did above average with Courtney of the Aqua team coming in under pounds.

This left the final weigh-in needing only nine pounds to win to the Blue team; Arthur was extremely confident that he would lose that much himself while Jesse was extremely concerned.

First aired January 18, The identities of the unknown trainers are finally revealed — Cara Castronuova who trains using boxing; she lost both her parents at a young age and Brett Hoebel specializing in martial arts; he was an overweight teen.

The Unknowns discuss last week's loss to the Ranch; Justin Yellow team specifically calls out Q Red team who had been putting up poor numbers.

The Unknowns and the Ranch teams meet for the first challenge, though each group competed separately. The challenge was to balance an egg on an upside-down frying pan; the winner from each group would later compete in a pop quiz involving chef Curtis Stone , with the overall winner gaining a two-pound advantage for their team if the Unknowns won the advantage would carry over to the fifth week.

The Unknowns elect to compete as a team, and throw the contest to Deni Pink team. The Ranch team competes individually with Marci Aqua team winning the challenge.

Back on the Ranch, Bob talks to the Purple team who was upset at losing only six pounds each the prior week while Jillian talks to the Black team Dan is especially concerned about separation anxiety and has never really dealt with the loss of his son, Adam, to drug use.

Due to illness, Arthur Blue team is restricted to working out in the swimming pool. Deni and Marci visit with Curtis Stone. In the pop quiz, each player had to guess the total caloric content of the meals Curtis prepared; the closest would get the advantage.

Marci guessed ; Deni wanted to guess but settled on , the correct answer was so Marci gained the advantage. The goal was to fill other teams' barrels; the last team would win the sole elimination vote subject to finishing above the yellow line.

This time the Ranch teams worked together and allowed Irene the sole member of the Orange team to win the contest however, if Irene didn't finish above the yellow line she would be automatically eliminated.

Bob and Jillian again meet with the Ranch teams. Dan freely admits that if the rules would allow it, even if he finished above the yellow line he would sacrifice his spot and go home, which upsets Jillian.

At the last chance workout Arthur is able to rejoin the others. At the weigh-in it is revealed that Moses Gray team has now lost 64 pounds in three weeks, while Q called out earlier by the other Unknowns lost 19 pounds that week.

Rulon's weight loss was not shown in this episode; he lost an additional 10 pounds. Aqua team goes first and loses 13 pounds before the advantage.

Irene Orange team goes next and needs six pounds to remain on the Ranch and be able to use her voting privilege; she loses eight and stays safe.

The Green team goes next; Jay has had "" written on his arm all week to stress his goal and ends up missing by only one pound , and they are also safe.

Blue team is next and needs 23 pounds to remain safe, but they lose only 13 pounds and are in danger Aqua team thus becomes safe. Jesse is ready to celebrate that Arthur despite his setbacks has lost weight; Bob does not want to celebrate since he feels Arthur needs to remain on the Ranch for quite a while due to his health.

Purple team is next and, in a case of deja vu, both Olivia Ward and Hannah again lose six pounds each, but this time it is enough to be safe.

This leaves only the Black team, who only need to lose a total of nine pounds to stay safe; the Blue team admits there isn't a "snowball's chance in Hell" of staying.

But in a total shock, both Dan and Don each gained nine pounds ; Don insists they didn't quit, which neither Bob nor Jillian believe. The preview clip at show's end indicates that the argument will continue to the following week.

At elimination, Irene respects Dan's wishes and sends him home. At home, Dan is now down to pounds and is working out with his daughter Madelyn wearing a "Team Evans — Trainer" shirt ; Madelyn says that she is happy as she does not want to lose her dad like she lost her brother.

The episode started with the shocking conclusion from the previous week's episode — the combined pound weight gain by the Black team.

When meeting with the rest of the Ranch team, Don insisted that he did not quit; Marci Aqua team didn't believe him.

Irene and Don the remaining members of the Orange and Black teams were combined into a new team though both continued to wear their original colors.

The first challenge featured an entire room with several shelves, each shelf containing the favorite food of one of the contestants the one they would normally eat in excess, such as Arthur's entire supreme pizza, which his pizzeria would promptly deliver every evening at PM without him having to call in an order.

Each team had three minutes to decide whether or not to eat any food; the team who ate the most calories would have the power to send one team to the Unknowns facility for the week.

The Blue team were the only ones to participate Arthur ate one chicken leg, which was Jesse's favorite food and voted to send the Green team off.

The Green team arrives at the Unknowns facility and engages in a light workout. Meanwhile at the Ranch, the first workout begins with the expected confrontation between Don, Bob, and Jillian over his past week's performance, accusing him of quitting and not being angry in response to his mild-mannered approach; Don responds with an expletive-filled tirade.

After the workout, Courtney speaks with Jillian about how her mom Marci would try to "fix" things for her usually in response to people criticizing Courtney for her weight.

Jillian tells her that the two need to discuss the issue which they do later in the show. Over at the Unknowns, the Green team sees the difference in approaches mainly that with the Unknowns, meals are prepared and beds are made; at the Ranch the contestants cook for themselves and make their own beds.

The Greens then return to the Ranch for the second challenge, again involving each contestant's favorite food.

The remaining Ranch teams compete as a unit against Green team for the prize of letters from home; the goal is to guess the total caloric content of all the contestants' favorite foods.

The Ranch teams win the challenge the total is 8, calories. Due to the airing of the State of the Union address , the episode was only one hour long, and featured no Last Chance Workout or weigh-in these segments were aired on the first half of the Week 5 episode.

In the completion of Week 4 both teams are featured doing their last chance workouts. On the Unknowns, Q Red team quits during his workout, upsetting the rest of the team especially Rulon as well as Cara.

The Ranch workout features Jillian working with Hannah Purple team to overcome her fears resulting from her serious back injury three disintegrated discs which ended her athletic career and started her weight gain.

The Ranch team then goes to their delayed weigh-in, which features the returning Green team. Green goes first and loses 15 pounds 2.

Blue team goes next and needs to lose 18 pounds to be safe, but gets only 12 1. Aqua needs to lose eight and gets 13 2. There was no voting room scene; immediately after the weigh-in, the remaining members unanimously agree to honor Don's request and send him home.

This officially ended the fourth week of the competition and started the fifth week. The new trainers then start working with all the remaining teams.

The Ranch team is offered a team challenge — they lost 48 pounds as a group, if they can lose at least 49 pounds this week they would all gain immunity.

The Unknowns, however, will have a vote, but will participate in a challenge with the winning team gaining immunity for the week — the challenge is to stack weights on other team's scales; when a team gets pounds they are out.

All the teams first work to eliminate the Red team not wanting Q to get immunity then the Brown team, then the Pink team. However, the Yellow team used strategy by placing their smaller weights on the scales first, keeping their heavier weights for later.

This put the Grey team at a disadvantage — they have only the smaller weights to use on Yellow team, and although they started with a near pound advantage on Yellow, Yellow catches up and eliminates Grey, thus winning immunity.

Both groups appear at the weigh-in, with the Ranch teams going first. Irene whose starting weight is reset to loses eight pounds 3.

Green loses 14 2. Blue needs to lose only 1 pound for the Ranch teams to gain collective immunity; remembering the bizarre endings of the last two weigh-ins they aren't so sure, but they lose 15 2.

The Unknowns then weigh-in, with Yellow going first. Notwithstanding their immunity they lose 33 pounds total 4.

Red goes next and loses 24 pounds 3. However, all three of the other teams lose more than enough to stay safe Brown needed 24 and lost 30 4.

Q and Larialmy speak with the remaining Unknowns and state that they have discussed the issue and want the others to send Larialmy home, Q stating that she can lose the weight at home while he couldn't do so.

The remaining Unknowns are skeptical — Justin makes Q say directly to Larialmy that he will lose weight at the Ranch, Sarah asks what will they do if the others decide to send Q home Larialmy replies that if they truly are a family, they would not hurt her , and Rulon is still uncertain about keeping Q on the show.

At the vote, Pink, Grey, and Yellow all admit that they wanted to send Q home, but agreed to honor their wishes and vote to send Larialmy home Brown's vote isn't revealed.

At home, Larialmy is down to pounds an overall 74 pound loss and is working out with her sisters one of whom has lost 14 pounds. Don is down to pounds an overall 87 pound loss and works out with Dan.

He has also managed to heal his relationship with his estranged son. Alison announces that the current teams will be dissolved.

The Unknowns will compete as a group as the Red team; the Ranch team will compete as a group and chose Black shirts over Blue.

With the episode being the final one before Valentine's Day , the first challenge was a temptation involving chocolate.

Further, the winner would remain a secret — Alison will announce only the player's decision. Alison announces that the winner chose to swap Jay and Jen Black to Red for Sarah and Deni Red to Black.

Arthur who ate 35 pieces admitted he did it; he stated that he distrusted Jay and Jen from week one, and thought Sarah and Deni would be voted off the following two weeks, thus protecting him and Jesse.

However, the decision causes a huge rift among the Black team; Bob and Jillian believe that Arthur hurt his cause by making the Black team weaker overall.

The second challenge featured contests in five disciplines: endurance, speed, agility, strength, and knowledge. The winning team would receive videos from home.

After the teams chose their players for each discipline the last one would have only one player , Alison announced that the disciplines were not what everyone thought:.

After the fifth discipline, a final task would be revealed it would be completing a heart-shaped jigsaw puzzle.

Black won all five disciplines and the final task handily Red had trouble with the Agility discipline. Black invited Bob and Jillian to watch the videos for Deni it was special since she missed her daughter's wedding to participate on the show.

Brett discusses healthy cereals with Red team, plugging General Mills whole grain brands. At the weigh-in the Red team went first.

Jay and Jen both lost 14 pounds each 4. Q lost 7 1. Rulon lost 12 3. Kaylee lost five pounds 2. Moses needed to lose 11 pounds 3.

Red lost a total of 97 pounds or 3. Black needed to lose 78 pounds to beat Red's percentage gain and remain safe.

Deni lost 9 4. Arthur lost 9 2. Jesse lost 11 4. Needing 15 pounds to win, Olivia loses 16 7. Alison declares the contest over, but Irene's 12 5.

Black defeated Red in both total pounds lost 99 and percentage 4. Alison announced that Jen 6. At the table, Jen and Jay both vote to send Q home.

Q votes for Jay, but Ken, Moses, and Justin each vote to send Q home. At home, Q is now down to pounds.

He takes Larialmy to a gym for Valentine's Day, promising that they will become a healthy couple. The episode started with a pop challenge.

Each team was tied together to a huge rope with knots in it. The first team to untangle their rope, wins. The prize: access to the gym for the week. The red team flew through the challenge and won the challenge.

Black team has no gym access for the week. Hannah states that she feels like the black team is viewed as the underdogs and she doesn't like that - she doesn't want to be viewed as weak.

Bob reminds them that the black team crushed the red team at the weigh in - the black team is not weak.

Despite not having access to the gym, the black team has a strong workout. As the red team is working out in the gym, Cara pushes Rulon and he doesn't like it.

The two go outside to have a discussion and he tells her that his past is his past and he refuses to talk about it.

He tells her that he isn't ready to talk about it with her and she tells him she's not giving up on him. The teams meet at night for the weekly challenge.

Allison informs them that the challenge will have each team push a ton train feet. Throughout the challenge, they will have to answer 6 trivia questions.

Each train is filled with a bag of food that represents an answer to those questions. They will need to throw out the right bag of food for each question.

A wrong answer will result in 15 seconds being added to their time. The teams go one at a time and the one with the fastest overall time wins. The winning team gains the ability to pick a player from the other team whose weight loss will not count for the week.

The black team goes first. Because they have an extra player, they sit out Deni. Olivia and Marci are in the train car answering the questions while the other players are pushing the train car.

Arthur can't keep up and ends up running behind the train. The black team has a finishing time of The red team starts.

They have Kaylee and Jen in the train answering the questions and all of the guys pushing. They have a finishing time of The black team had 4 wrong answers for an additional minute added to their time making it In order for the red team to win, they just have to get one answer right.

They had 5 wrong answers which added to their time making it and they won the challenge. At the weigh in, red team weighs in first.

The red team chooses Irene's weight loss to not count for the team. Black team wins the weigh in. At the beginning of the episode, Allison tells the teams that two people will be going home this week.

There will be a red line and the person who has the lowest percentage of weight loss will fall below the red line and will go home immediately.

Then, the team that loses the weigh in will eliminate a player. Moses is afraid Kaylee may be the one to fall below the red line so he makes her get up before every morning to get an extra work-out in to try and ensure her safety this week.

The teams meet Allison on a football field for this week's challenge. The goal is to move 6 enormous balls from one end of the field to the goal at the other end of the field - the balls can't touch the ground, can't hit it twice in a row, and they will be wearing boxing gloves.

The black team struggles through and the red team wins At the ranch, there is a conversation with the black team.

Marci and Deni tell the others that they would be willing to fall below the red line or be voted out in order to allow the younger girls and, especially Arthur to stay.

Jesse gets very upset and says that he needs to be there just as much as any of the others - he doesn't want to be 'thrown out' just because he's the old man.

The discussion gets heated and eventually Olivia leaves the room and several are upset at how Jesse acted. At the weigh in, the red team weighed in first.

Marci, Jesse, and Deni gained intentionally with the thought of making sure the younger ones were safe and wouldn't go home. Deni was below the red line and was immediately eliminated.

They voted unanimously to send Jesse home. By the time this episode aired, Jesse was at pounds, and Deni was Ana, who was eliminated week 1, makes a cameo appearance in Jesse's exit video.

The 14 remaining contestants are told that they will be returning home for two weeks, then heading back to the ranch for the weigh-in. Before the weigh-in, they compete in a challenge; more specifically, the very same challenge they faced in Week 1: Running a 5k.

The weigh-in begins, and the Black Team is up first. Jen and Marci both lose 14 pounds. Irene, Courtney and Sarah all lose 10, Hannah loses 11 and Olivia loses The Black team ends with a total of 81 pounds.

The Red team needs to lose more than pounds to win, an average of 17 pounds per player. Rulon loses 17 and gives the Red team a little more confidence.

But then, the weight losses begin to deteriorate. Austin goes and loses 10, but then his father goes up and loses only 5.

Moses loses 5 as well and Kaylee loses only 1 pound. Justin loses 8 pounds, which means Arthur needs to lose 18 or more pounds to win immunity, but he only loses The Black Team wins the weigh-in, meaning the red team had to send someone home except Rulon, who wins immunity for having the highest weight loss percentage on the Red Team.

His goal is to be at by the finale. After Arthur is voted home, Allison calls the black team into the deliberation room and says that for every team to be great, you must have a great leader.

Then she has each team officially choose a team captain - someone who can lead, someone they trust, someone who will be making decisions for the team.

Red chooses Justin and black chooses Marci. Their first act as team captains: choose 1 person to cook for the team for the week and chose only 2 people to work out with the trainers for the day.

The teams meet up for a night-time challenge. There is yards of mud and obstacles and the challenge is to be the first team to the end - without touching the ground.

There are round steps they will be moving and re-arranging to get from start to finish. The team captains are responsible for deciding the starting points for their teammates.

Marci also has the choice of whom to sit out for the black team. She chooses Courtney who is very unhappy about being left out.

The red team takes an early lead but fall into the mud half-way through the second obstacle and have to go back to the second checkpoint which gives the black team a chance to catch up and take a small lead.

At the third obstacle, the teams pick up their final members. At the fourth obstacle, red team falls in the mud again and have to go back to the third checkpoint giving the black team an even larger lead and, ultimately, the victory.

At the weigh in, the red team weighs in first. The red team won the weigh in sending black team to elimination room. Marci had intended to sacrifice herself and have the girls send her home but she had the highest percentage of weight loss and won immunity.

The contestants are combined from two teams into one — the blue team. They are told that if as a team they can lose more than 64 pounds, everyone will have immunity.

Several contestants have updates with Dr. H, and are doing much better — including Moses, who has extended his life by 19 years; and Marci, who has already reached her ideal weight.

They have a pop challenge where everyone breaks into partners — one person from the former black team, with one person from the former red team — and each pair cooks a low calorie meal to be judged by Curtis Stone and Lorena Garcia.

Moses and Olivia win the challenge, with a baked cod dish. Their prize is they receive the Biggest Loser meal plan while they are home between the end of their stay on the ranch, and the finale.

This week the trainers are switched up — Bob and Jillian work with the former red team, and Brett and Cara work with the former black team. Bob focuses on pushing Rulon as hard as possible, and motivates Austin to lose a "lucky 7" pounds.

Meanwhile, Hannah opens up to Cara about her struggles. In the regular challenge, the team has to pull a rope that is connected to trivia questions about their season.

If they answer each question correctly, the rope will lead to the next question; if not, the rope will lead in the wrong direction.

The team struggles at first, answering a question incorrectly along with an injury to Hannah. In the end they are able to complete the challenge with 6 seconds to spare.

However, some contestants fall short and the team does not reach the goal, forcing an elimination. The contestants respect her wishes and Marci is eliminated.

The eleven remaining contestants are divided into 4 teams — each trainer is in charge of a team. Because of this, they are given the task to select one player who has been eliminated to return to the ranch and be the third player on the black team.

Each of the contestants experiences a personal moment of growth during this time. Back on the ranch, it is revealed at the week's challenge that Hannah and Rulon have selected Jay to return to the ranch.

Jay and Jennifer share an excited father-daughter reunion. The challenge is to hold a block weighing the combined total of how much weight each team has lost above a container of water.

If the team lets go of their block, it will smash the container of water and put out a fire below. The red team wins the challenge, but gives their prize — video chat with family back home — to the blue team.

Kaylee has decided that this is her week to go home, and gets her team in on throwing the weigh in. Ken however loses 7 pounds, causing their team to be safe from elimination, and drives Kaylee to tears.

Alison tells Kaylee that she can leave any time she wants, however the elimination will still go as scheduled whether Kaylee leaves or not.

Moses steps in to talk to his daughter and advises her to stay, and she reluctantly agrees. This leaves the red team to face elimination.

Jennifer was the biggest loser on the red team, leaving the other three teams to decide between Courtney and Justin.

Justin asks to be voted off, as he feels Courtney is not finished with her journey yet; the other contestants agree and Justin is eliminated.

After eliminating Justin, the teams return to the ranch and Kaylee apologizes for believing her time had come.

She re-commits herself to being at the ranch and realizes that it is not time for her to go home and that she still has a lot to learn from the ranch, her teammates and her trainers.

Vance and Leann are revealed as the 12th team that just missed the being on the show and are offered a chance to win a spot on the ranch.

If they lost a higher percentage of weight at home than the lowest person on the ranch Kaylee then they would be entered back into the game.

Vance lost 30 pounds and Leann lost 45, which while excellent numbers, were not enough to earn them a spot in the competition.

The remaining four teams square off for a wild pop challenge that involves balancing colored balls, with the losing team has to leave the ranch for the week and the winning team gaining a one-minute advantage in the challenge later in the week.

Austin and Kaylee win the pop challenge for the green team, while Jennifer and Courtney are the last team to finish. Ultimately, Jennifer and Courtney choose spa treatment and a night out on the town in lieu of working with their trainer.

Brett is very disappointed in their choices when the girls inform him that they have chosen to work out without him. Trainer Bob Harper takes his contestants to an inner-city school, where they energize the students with a fun workout and talk about the importance of fitness.

Then all the contestants go on a huge Easter egg hunt for 5, eggs, including a Golden Egg that comes with a very coveted prize.

Each member of the team that collects of their team's colored eggs first wins a pair of tickets to the world premiere of the new movie, Hop.

Additionally, each team that completes the challenge will be treated to a sneak preview of the film. Armed with their one-minute head start, the Green Team beats out the Red Team for the premiere tickets.

However, Olivia is the contestant that finds the coveted Golden Egg. All four teams complete the challenge, and the Golden Egg's prize is revealed to be the only vote at elimination that week.

Olivia, who was expecting immunity, money or a similar prize, has mixed feelings about holding so much power at elimination. At the weigh in, Rulon shows underwhelming numbers again, and Jillian calls him out for cheating on his diet.

After impressive numbers by the Blue Team and the Green Team, the Black Team is up for elimination with just the Red Team left to weigh in. Rulon is understandably nervous because Olivia has made it clear that if it comes down to Rulon and Hannah, she will not send her sister home.

But Courtney and Jennifer lose only two pounds and are the team up for elimination. Since Courtney had the highest percentage of weight loss, Jennifer is automatically eliminated.

Jennifer has since lost over pounds and is able to go clothes shopping with her girlfriends for the first time. She has been working out with her brother since being eliminated and hopes to be down to pounds by the finale.

After Jen's elimination leaves Courtney as the only remaining member of the Red Team, she sits down with Irene and Hannah and asks them to keep her accountable this week.

The teams are greeted with a pop challenge—each team must approximate one mile by placing their team's flag on the marker they believe is exactly one mile from the starting line.

The winners of the pop challenge would enjoy one night out and about Hollywood while the losers must stay behind and clean the entire ranch.

With varying strategies, the teams place their flags with the Black Team coming the closest and winning the challenge. Given the way of how last week's life of luxury affected Jennifer and Courtney, the black team is apprehensive, but excited nonetheless.

After the challenge, Courtney sits down with Brett to talk about her one-on-one training for the week. Cara works out her Green team and Ken suffers an injury near his oblique that limits him mostly to walking.

Because of this and Kaylee's big week, Austin feels the pressure to carry the team this week. Black and Blue teams work out in the gym, but Jillian and Rulon hash out the former Olympic medalist's rogue eating habits.

Jillian is concerned that by straying from his diet, he is sabotaging himself and his team. Rulon explains that he views snacks as a reward for having a successful workout, while Jillian coaches Rulon to find things that are good for him, but still highly enjoyable.

When Jillian finally enters the gym with Rulon, her team postpones telling her about the prize that they won during the pop challenge.

When the do eventually tell her, Jillian doesn't believe that a night out is considered a prize and is shocked that her team is so excited about it.

Green, Red and Blue teams get started on cleaning the ranch while Rulon, Hannah and Jay enjoy a night out in Hollywood. They grab dinner at an Asian restaurant and make smart decisions with the foods that they order.

Hannah enjoys a nice conversation with a gentleman that took a fancy towards her.

The Biggest Loser vom Telekom Kidswatch Abtin Mareike Spaleck Victor Lorenzo da Silva Arzt. RedSeven Entertainment. Februar startete die siebte Staffel mit dem Motto Der Kampf der Geschlechtererneut unter der Moderation von Christine Theiss. Olivia is allowed to take 1live D other player on her helicopter ride and chooses Hannah to accompany her. The black team has a finishing time of Jay's 2. Alison announces that the winner chose Db Filme swap Thunder Lied and Jen Black to Red for Sarah and Deni Red to Black. Because of this and Kaylee's big week, Austin feels the pressure to carry the team this week. Much of the first hour featured Arthur of the Blue team and his struggles. Bob Doc Mcstuffins Deutsch Biggest Loser 2011 that the black Hawaii Five 0 Season 8 crushed the red team at the weigh in - the black team is not weak. The team struggles at first, answering a question incorrectly along with an injury to Hannah. Because they have an extra player, they sit out Deni. This week the trainers are Dieses Bescheuerte Herz Online Stream up — Bob and Jillian work with the former red team, and Brett and Cara work with the former black team. Sarah Nitta27, Las Vegas, NV. in ein schlankeres Leben beginnt für alle Kandidatenpaare auf einer entlegenen Finca auf Mallorca. Clips aus The Biggest Loser bei K. The Biggest Loser verpasst? Alle Sendungen, Clips und Ganze Folgen kostenlos online anschauen. The Biggest Loser Sendung Verpasst. Mai ausgestrahlt. Das Konzept der zweiten Staffel blieb unverändert. Die Folgen wurden im Tiroler Ferienort Ischgl produziert. Der Sieger Carlo nahm 59 kg. kabel eins () Sat.1 (). Picture format, Original release, () – present. External links. Website. The German version of The Biggest Loser started in on ProSieben. The following seasons. The crown of Australia's Biggest Loser has gone to year-old Emma Duncan from Newcastle. Duncan was announced the winner of the Network Ten program last night, winning $, after losing. 25 year old Newcastle resident Emma Duncan has won The Biggest Loser Emma weighed in at kg, losing % of her body weight. She wins $, cash fom the TEN reality show. “My life is incredibly different, I thought I was happy back then,”she said. “I .


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